Rattlesnake Removal in Mesa & Apache Junction

Rattlesnake encounters are a fact of life in Arizona, especially in areas like Gold Canyon and Mesa in the East Valley, where residential areas often come right to the edge of natural desert habitat. If you have a rattlesnake that needs to be removed immediately, call our hotline at 480-237-9975 and a snake removal expert that lives in your area will be there in minutes to resolve the situation.

Rattlesnake removal service locations include: Mesa, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, San Tan Valley, and the entire East Valley of the Phoenix Metro Area. We also remove rattlesnakes in the rest of the Phoenix area.

Fastest Service in the East Valley, 24 Hours a Day

We employ rattlesnake removal specialists from across the state of Arizona, on call 24-hours a day to come remove snakes. Once we know the area of the valley that you live, the agent closest to you will be at your house in just minutes to capture the rattlesnake and take it away from your property. We are always ready; rattlesnakes don't stop for the day at 5pm and neither do we.

See a Snake Hours or Days Ago? We'll Find It!

We are not a pest control company, but rattlesnake-specific, highly trained snake catching experts. Our training comes from many years' experience finding rattlesnakes in the wild desert areas surrounding Mesa and Gold Canyon, and we know the species that live there like the backs of our hands. If you think there's a snake living on your property, or just want the peace of mind of knowing it's moved on, we know what signs to look for and exactly where snakes may be hiding in a yard. Call 480-237-9975 any time of day or night to have a snake specialist there immediately.