Rattlesnake Removal in Mesa & Apache Junction, and Scottsdale

Snake encounters are a fact of life in Arizona, especially in areas like Gold Canyon and Mesa in the East Valley, where residential areas often come right to the edge of natural desert habitat. If you have a rattlesnake that needs to be removed immediately, call our hotline at 480-237-9975 and a snake removal expert that lives in your area will be there in minutes to resolve the situation.

If you need a snake removed:

1. Call 480-237-9975. A snake removal specialist will answer and ask you questions.
2. Watch the snake! The rattlesnake removal agent will provide instruction.
3. Help is on the way immediately: wait for help to arrive.

Rattlesnake removal service locations include: Mesa, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, San Tan Valley, and the entire East Valley of the Phoenix Metro Area. We also remove rattlesnakes in the rest of the Phoenix area.

Fastest Service in the East Valley, 24 Hours a Day

We employ rattlesnake removal specialists from across the state of Arizona, on call 24-hours a day to come remove snakes. Once we know the area of the valley that you live, the agent closest to you will be at your house in just minutes to capture the rattlesnake and take it away from your property. We are always ready; rattlesnakes don't stop for the day at 5pm and neither do we.

See a Snake Hours or Days Ago? We'll Find It!

We are not a pest control company, but rattlesnake-specific, highly trained snake catching experts. Our training comes from many years' experience finding rattlesnakes in the wild desert areas surrounding Mesa and Gold Canyon, and we know the species that live there like the backs of our hands. If you think there's a snake living on your property, or just want the peace of mind of knowing it's moved on, we know what signs to look for and exactly where snakes may be hiding in a yard. Call 480-237-9975 any time of day or night to have a snake specialist there immediately.

Snake Removal and Keeping Snakes Away For Good

Capturing and removing rattlesnakes from your yard is only part of the job. Rattlesnake Solutions snake removal experts are work with wild snakes all the time, and are able to assess your property to find what is attracting them to the area in the first place. We like to say that snakes are a symptom; usually the problem is some unknown feature that snakes love to use for food, water, or shelter, that can be identified and removed to make sure rattlesnakes don't come back to visit. Education is also important. After the rattlesnake is removed and any problem features have been identified, we will answer all of your questions and give you information about the snakes that live in your area, so that you are equipped to handle future encounters in the safest way possible. Some snakes are even beneficial to have in the yard, as they eat or compete with rattlesnakes for resources. After removing thousands of snakes from yards all around Scottsdale, Mesa, and Phoenix, we have seen it all - we can tell you which plants to avoid, situations where snakes repeatedly show up, and the particular concerns for each property. If you want to have a rattlesnake removed and make sure you don't see another one, we're the only company to call.

How do we remove the snakes? Are they hurt at all?

We like rattlesnakes and would never - absolutely not at all - hurt one for any reason. We started this business to provide a safe alternative to hurting rattlesnakes, and provide home owners with humane relief that solves the problem without harming native wildlife. Rattlesnakes that are captured are caught using wide-mouthed tongs, to gently grasp the snake and move it to a bucket that is specially designed for transporting dangerous cargo. Based on many years of scientific research and wild study, we use satellite imagery to locate the best possible relocation site, where the snake has the best chance to re-orient itself and live a long life, without returning to the property or again coming into contact with people. On hot days, the snakes get a drink of water before going out, and all efforts possible are made to keep the stress levels of the snake to a minimum during capture and transport. When the snake is captured, it may look easy, but that's the point. We try as hard as we can to quickly move the snake into the bucket and secure it, to the benefit of the rattlesnake, and the snake remover. If you live in an area where other snakes may be present, we'll also look around to see if we can find any others, and discover what may be bringing the snakes to your yard to begin with.

We understand that many people are scared of snakes, sometimes with good reason. However, they get a bad reputation, which is undeserved. Rattlesnakes are not aggressive; they are defensive. There is a huge difference in how a rattlesnake is viewed using that perspective. They, like all animals, will try to prevent their own death if attacked. Most interaction between humans and snakes looks very much like an attack from the snake's point of view, so they defend themselves naturally. The best way to avod this is to simply leave them alone, listen to the warning, and don't attempt to capture or kill the snake. This situation is one that Rattlesnake Solutions has resolved many times, and can help you safely and humanely remove any snake that you'd rather not have at your house.

What Snakes are Common in the East Valley?

There are 6 species of rattlesnake that live within Phoenix city limits. We have been called to remove all of them at some point or another, but the most common is the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, followed by the Mojave Rattlesnake. All rattlesnakes have a visible rattle on the tail, even at birth, and can be easily idenfitied by this trait. Western Diamondbacks, in particular, have a very visible white and black striped tail, right before the rattle, that is less present in other species.

western diamondback rattlesnake

Although the western diamondback rattlesnake can deliver a very serious bite, it is very seldom fatal in the United States. The majority of bites that do happen are to the hands and arms of people trying to harrass, kill, or capture the snakes. If you see one in your yard that needs to be removed, the best thing to do is call a professional.

Other snakes may be present, too, which do not require removal. One of these is the common Sonoran Gophersnake, or "bullsnake" as they're referred to if you're from the mid-west. They are large constrictors that compete with rattlesnakes. Though they may look scary or put on a good defensive show, gophersnakes are totally harmless, and great to have around. They're the best free pest control you can get! We will come remove them if you like, of course, but generally, any snake that is not a rattlesnake is good to keep around to help repel the 'bad' ones.