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24 / 7 Snake Removal Hotline: 480-237-9975

Press & General Inquiries: 480-694-3020

The Quickest Snake Catchers in Town, 24/7

If you see a snake, keep an eye on it and we'll be there in a few minutes. Once you make the call, the snake handler that lives closest to your location will be sent out immediately to remove the snake from your property. There is no time too late to call, so please do not hesitate.

Did You See a Snake? Find Out What it Is:

If you saw a snake out hiking or in your area, let us know about it and we'll tell you what it is and anything else you want to know about it, completely free of charge. We love snakes and just like hearing about experiences with them, so there's absolutely no obligation of any sort. Free Snake Identification.