Keep Snakes Out Of Your Yard

Rattlesnakes, and snakes in general, will pay you a visit if provided with the basics of all life: food, water, and shelter. Many people just try and kill every snake that shows up without ever trying to understand why they are there to begin with, making it a worthless action. To truly keep snakes away, here are a few helpful tips:

1. Keep the rodent population in check. Snakes need to eat, and they'll follow scent trails in from mice and rabbits to end up in your yard. Establish a zero-tolerance policy with rodents, sealing the yard against them, and call a good exterminator.

2. Minimize the opportunities for shelter. Snakes get hot in the desert just like anything else and spend much of the daytime hours sheltered from the sun. Piled rock, shingles, boards, or low laying shrubs are all favorite places for snakes to hide. If they don't find it, they'll keep moving on.

3. Snakes need water, and often. Keep hose areas clean and leak-free, and get rid of that old ground birdbath already. Water sources are valuable in the desert and don't go unnoticed by snakes and their prey. If your yard is a desert oasis, don't be surprised when you get a few venomous visitors.

4. Seal the yard completely to keep snakes away for good. If they can't get in, it doesn't matter what you've got back there ... you can create rattlesnake heaven, and if they can't get in, they can't get in, it's as simple as that. We offer an affordable snake fencing system that will do the job:

12 Month Guarantee. If you do see a rattlesnake in the areas of your yard that's sealed, we'll come come get it for free.*

True Snake Expertise. We're not a pest control business, we only work with rattlesnakes.

We Don't Ever Use Chemicals They don't work, period. People that try to sell them to you will tell you they do for obvious reasons. We solve the problem, not just make you feel better about it.

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* Limited to availability of installing agent.