Who to call to remove a rattlesnake in Scottsdale?

To quickly have snakes relocated from your property anywhere in the Scottsdale area, call us at 480-237-9975. You'll be connected to a local rattlesnake expert who will tell you what to do, and be there very quickly to capture the snake and take it elsewhere.

Rattlesnakes are quite common in Scottsdale. We are often called to areas near Troon, or into Fountain Hils, to remove snakes of all species that end up on property. If a snake is in your yard, keep calm and do not approach it. Bites from venomous snakes most offen occur when the home owner is trying to catch or kill the snake without proper training. You will need to keep an eye on the snake until we arrive.

The beautiful natural-desert yards in Scottsdale make great habitat for wildlife, including rattlesnakes. The desert landscaping, combined with the mountainous, boulder-fields and mountain-sides, and numerous swimming pools, mean that rattlesnakes have ample opportunity to life right where we do.

How many rattlesnakes are in Scottsdale?

Here is a video taken by Rattlesnake Solutions in 2010, showing a small den of rattlesnakes being removed from a garage in the Scottsdale Mountain foothills. WARNING: Be prepared to jump.


Obviously this is not the normal situation, but it illustrates how quickly desert wildlife can move into an area when human activity is not present. This particular incident was a vacant home, on the market for a short time. The realtor saw a snake prior to a showing and called us at 480-237-9975 for removal service. All snakes were captured and later released back to the desert unharmed.

How much does it cost to have a snake removed?

Pricing is based on several factors, including distance, estimated time to capture, and availability of trained snake experts. To keep the price to the absolute minimum, we quote each relocation individually, rather than giving a flat rate which could be more than necessary. When you call, you'll be asked for your zip code, and the field agent on the line will be able to tell you the time to arrival and cost immediately.

If you've seen a snake on your property in Scottsdale, but don't know where it went ...

Give us a call anyway. Unlike pest control companies, we specialize in rattlesnakes, and spend many hours each month studying them in the wild. If a rattlesnake is living in your yard, we know how to find it by signs that would be invisible to non-trained eyes. Compared to finding wild snakes in the open desert, tracking a rattlesnake to its hole in the backyard is easy. Even if you just want to see how likely your property is to be attractive to snakes, or have just moved to Arizona from out-of-state and want to know how to keep snakes off your property, we can help. Give us a call at 480-237-9975 24 hours a day with any questions.

You're called Mesa Snake Removal. Why do you drive up to Scottsdale?

We are just one of the areas of service covered by Rattlesnake Solutions LLC. When you call, you are connected to a network of snake removal service experts from around the state who will assess your needs and transfer you to the closest, cheapest, fastest agent available. We can be anywhere in the valley very quickly at all hours of the day or night. Snakes don't keep business hours and neither do we.

Is Rattlesnake Solutions animal control?

We are a small business, unaffiliated with the city of Scottsdale. We are licensed wildlife service providers through Arizona Game and Fish. We are driven by a belief that snakes are misunderstood animals, and the fact that rattlesnakes are not nearly as dangerous as our culture likes to believe. We're students, herpetologists, professionals, and reptile enthousiasts - not pest control, and we know exactly how to take care of your snake problem from years of field work with wild rattlesnakes.

What can we do to keep snakes away?

Most often, snakes come to your property for a reason. If you have a property and have seen multiple rattlesnakes, it may mean that there is something they are attracted to on your property. We like to say that snakes are the symptom; the problem is the property. Food, water, and shelter provided to snakes as a variety of features. From our years of experience tracking wild rattlesnakes, and having removed thousands of snakes from properties just like yours, we know what snakes like and what can be done to fix the problem. Of course the occasional snake may always wander up to get some shade or take a drink from the pool, but the our habitat reduction advice will keep it a short visit. For a property inspection, call us at 480-237-9975.