What's That Snake? Send a Picture to Find Out!

We like snakes, that's why we do this. If you've seen a snake and managed to get a photo of it, email it to info@phoenixsnakeremoval.com to have it identified, free of charge of course.

Didn't Get a Photo? We Can Still Help ...

Even if you didn't get a photo, call the owner at 480-694-3020 and describe your experience. Almost always, the snake can still be identified (to within a reasonable level of doubt), and you'll know for sure if you have something to worry about or not. Also, check out this list of commonly seen snakes in the Phoenix area to see if you can find what you saw.

Do You Think the Snake is Still On Your Property? We Can Find It!

Although only rattlesnakes and the coral snake will cause you harm here in Arizona, we certainly understand that you may not want even the non-venomous snakes crawling around your yard or garage. Even if you can no longer see the snake, or the experience was hours or days ago, we can try to find it. We got our experience with rattlesnakes in the Mesa and Apache Junction areas by finding them in the wild, so a backyard is easy in comparison. We can tell where they've been sitting, hiding, hunting, crawling, and what to look for that may be attracting snakes to begin with. If you think a snake is still in the area or you simply want the peace of mind of knowing that it's no longer there, call 480-237-9975 to schedule an inspection.