What to Do if You See a Snake

1. Do not approach or try to kill the snake. Rattlesnakes DO NOT jump, chase after you, or any of the junk people like to pass around and say happened to them. Simply walk the other direction and you're completely safe.

2. Call 480-237-9975 and give your address. The line operator will be knowledgeable about the situation and will ask for your information, and help guide you through the process.

3. Have someone keep your eyes on the snake until we arrive. Even if just seconds, taking your eyes off the snake can make it very difficult to find it again, and it could even leave the area so that it cannot be found at all. If the snake moves away, follow it at a safe distance so that you are out of harms way and the snake doesn't feel threatened.

If You Have Been Bitten By A Rattlesnake

Call 911 and get to the hospital. Do NOT ice, cut, suck, or tie off the bite area, as these can cause the damage to be much worse. Let the facts keep you calm: fatal bites are rare, and most people make a full recovery. If you have jewelry, remove it, as the bite will swell.

If Your Dog Has Been Bitten

Bring your dog to the veterinary hospital as soon as possible. Most dogs make a full recovery, though the experience will be extremely painful. You may want to consider having your dog trained to avoid snakes by an expert.